Trip Matching Service

Cal-Xport Export Sales Trip Matching Service

•  You need a sales rep to make a trip to make an export sales call.
•  We can match you with someone that wants to travel to that location for a vacation that will do your sales call for far less than sending someone yourself.
•  They get their vacation travel cost subsidized.
•  You get an export sales call made at far less cost than going yourself.
•  We arrange SKYPE interviews and training.
•  We pre-screen candidates.
•  You only agree to back someone when you are sure they have what it takes to make the sales call successful.
•  If the rep makes the sale they get a commission.  They have the incentive to do a good job.

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Where do you need sales call made?
Is their flexibility on the meeting date?
Do you have multiple sales leads or just one?
What is your product?
Why is it better than the competition?
What is the expected sale price per unit?
How many units do you hope to sell on this sales call?
What is your current export sales level?
Where is the product produced?
Does it have regulatory approval to be sold in this market?
Do you have a sales training program that can be given by SKYPE or GOOGLE Hangouts?
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If you wish to travel to any foreign country and believe you can be a good sales person right to us at

Let us know in your email application these things”

1.  What day can your travel over the next year?  Which specific weeks and place are your first choices?

2.  Which countries would you most like to travel to in order 1 to 20 order of preference?

3.   Which languages do you speak?

4.  Do you have any sales experience? If yes, give us brief explanation.

5.  What industries are you most interested in?

6.  What percentage of your travel cost do you expect to be covered 25%, 33% or 50%?

7.  Can you do an interview by Skype?  What is your Skype address?   What day and time is best for you to interview?

8.  Can you do sales training with the California exporter by Skype, Google+ Hangouts or in person before the trip?

9.  What is your phone number?  What is best day and time to contact you about this job?

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