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Exports creates jobs.  Exports bring new income into our state and nation that spreads wealth to all citizens.  96% of people and thus all potential consumers  live outside of the USA.

Cal-Xport is dedicated to help California manufacturers and service provides grow their revenues and profits through increasing their export sales.

We will help guide companies through private and public resources that can help increase their export sales.   The myriad of federal and state programs can be daunting and confusing.  Our experienced team members have created hundreds of millions in export sales in more than 50 countries around the globe and can assist in navigating through the process of building export sales including the various financing programs.   Examples include the Export Working Capital and Export Finance Programs…

We propose following the Milliken Institute recommendations for increasing exports from the state of California:

1. Take advantage of existing export promotion resources.
2. Create a synchronized export promotion agency.
3. Leverage private-sector expertise.
4. Open more (but well-targeted) trade offices and contract them out.
5. Build a comprehensive performance measurement system for export-promotion efforts.
6. Take advantage of national and local programs supporting export promotion.
7. Develop an effective and comprehensive trade-promotion strategy, following up on prior recommendations  by the Department of Business, Transportation & Housing.

Important Links:

Export Working Capital Program

Pre-Export Working Capital Loan Program

Export Finance: Federal Efforts to Support Working Capital Needs

Strategies for Expanding California’s Exports


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