Cal-Xport a unit of Leonhardt Ventures www.leonhardtventures.com was founded in 2011 to help California exporters to reach new customers and to help foreign buyers to reach California exporters.

Our web site is simple by design.

1.  Foreign buyers tell us what they want to buy and we match them with a list of potential California based suppliers.  When needed we help them secure credit financing to be able to make their purchases.

2.  California exporters tell us where and what they wish to export and we match them with potential foreign distributors and customers.   We help them secure export sales financing.   We provide a variety of training programs designed to help companies increase their export sales.

Cal-Xport was founded by Howard J. Leonhardt whom graduated from the International Trade program at Anoka Technical College in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1982.  He has exported products to over 60 countries the past 32 years.

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    1531 6th St. Unit 401 Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Phone: (310) 310.2534
    Website: http://www.cal-xport.com
    Email: hleonhardt@aol.com